Downtown Living Initiative

Houston's Economic Development Division with the Downtown Managment Distirct created a program that incentivizes dense, walkable, residential development within Houston's urban core. This program is called the "Downtown Living Initiative". Read More

Emancipation Park: A Reinvestment in Houston History

Over one hundred and fifty years ago freed slaves purchased land to celebrate their emancipation, creating the first public park in Texas. This unique moment will be revivified through a multi-million dollar rennovation, a rennovation made possible by the Friends of Emancipation Park, local philanthropic dollars, the OST/Almeda Redevelopment Authority, and Houston's Economic Development Division. Read More

A World Class Park System: Bayou Greenways

This green space of linear parks, parks flanking nine bayous, peeling open hundreds of miles of pristine park space will encourage multi-modal transportation and fitness opportunites for all Houstonians. Read More

Targeting Areas in Need

The Economic Development Division targets the North East to South East of our city, a place where Houstonians live in clusters of lower income and lower college attainment relative to other Houstonians.Through innovative partnerships and targeted industry growth the economic development division endeavors to make Houston a more equitable and sustainable city starting in these targeted zones. Read More

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Houston HOPE Celebrates National Homeownership Month

June 10, 2011

National Homeownership Month is observed each June to highlight the vital role homeownership plays in improving lives, creating economic opportunities and strengthening America's neighborhoods.

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