Houston Skyline

Department of Neighborhoods

Individuals working within Houston's Department of Neighborhoods improve our communities. These community efforts complement the Economic Development Division's work, refreshing and renewing pockets of Houston.   

Seven divisions comprise the Department of Neighborhoods: 

Anti-Gang Office

Citizen’s Assistance Office

Inspections & Public Service

Office of Education Initiatives

Office for People with Disabilities

Office of Immigration & Refugee Affairs

Office of International Communities

Volunteer Initiatives Program

The Department of Neighborhoods also sponsors events: the Mayor’s Back to School Fest, World Refugee Day, and computer access training. Additionally, The Department of Neighborhoods creates targeted campaigns such as "Texans against Human Trafficking”.

With all its diverse camaigns, programs, and subdivisions the goal of the Department of Neighborhoods remains simple: cultivate quality of life for Houston's communities. 


World Refugee Day      Back To School Fest