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Housing and Community Development

The economic development division works closely with Houston’s Housing and community Development Department. This department provides several services of paramount importance to Houstonians across the city including, but not limited to, affordable housing, neighborhood parks, and homebuyer assistance.

In the Department’s words:

"The City of Houston’s Housing and Community Development Department (HCDD) provides the leadership and financing to make affordable housing and neighborhood revitalization happen in Houston. Currently,the Department administers over $100 million dollars annually in various federal, state and local programs. From investing in neighborhood parks, multifamily communities and economic development, to providing first-time homebuyer assistance and funds to serve the homeless, elderly and disabled — HCDD works to improve the quality of life for Houston’s neighborhoods and families"

For much more information on housing and community development’s scope of services, along with ways to collaborate with specific initiatives please visit their website or contact us.