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Parks and Recreation

The economic development division partners with parks and recreation to finance public space, work that results in creative public-private partnerships, delivering unique parks to Houstonians.

Houstonians enjoys these parks for numerous reasons. First, property values usually rise around parks, increasing city revenue. This revenue is complemented by less tangible benefits: quality of life blossoms around parks, people enjoy the natural beauty, exercising, increasing their well-being. Finally, the health of our economy may increase as residential and commercial development spring up around parks, encouraging density, connectivity, growing livable centers.

Recently, our division focused our park system efforts to fund the Bayou Greenways initiative, a project that will dramatically expand Houston’s park system.  Moreover, the division’s network of TIRZs also produce park space in collaboration with parks and recreation.

For more information on the Houston Park system click here. For questions about collaborating with specific Parks and Recreation initiatives please feel free to contact us.