Houston Skyline

Planning and Development

We in Economic Development along with Houston’s Planning and Development Department preserve historic buildings and neighborhoods, pockets of Houston History preserved in wood and stucco, areas in danger of bulldozers or disrepair. We believe preserving these spaces creates immense value for Houston in the long run.

Currently, our Economic Development Division preserves houses and neighborhoods with historic tax abatements, however the planning department maintains other tools to preserve Houston’s history.

Some tools limit density, others require buildings to be“set back” a minimum distance from the road.

These special tools for “lot size” and “building lines” are initiated by Houstonians living in a historic neighborhood, protecting historic places from development outside of their character.

If you are interested in learning how to preserve a neighborhood’s character or would like to learn more detail on how Planning and Development preserves historic Houston, follow the links below:

Historic Preservation

Historic Preservation Manual

Community Sustainability

Lot and Building Line Application

Yard Parking Application


For more information please contact Ketan.Inamdar@houstontx.gov