Houston Skyline

Management Districts

Management Districts offer numerous opportunities for developers and the city to collaborate on local initiatives and projects. These projects often begin as local initiatives from independent studies of the district. 

These districts, also known as “Improvement Districts,” are formed under Chapter 375 of Texas Local Government code, an act that encourages economic development within locally petitioned Houston areas, areas that supplement existing municipal efforts of development.

There are three main goals of Management Districts; to support facilities that already exist, to help make necessary improvements within the neighborhood and to promote the development of raw land. 

Some of developments by Management Districts include but are not limited to; landscaping, holiday decorations, sidewalks, parks and recreation facilities, beatification projects, reducing the amount of traffic, and most importantly ensuring public safety. 

The city often works with management districts to complement their independent studies and unique projects. Upon developer request the economic development division is thrilled to introduce developers to both management district initiatives and leadership.